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PAC – Racquetball and Squash court booking policy

Court bookings that have players reserve multiple courts over multiple time slots will be seen as group bookings.

All group bookings must be approved by the PAC Courts Manager or PAC management prior to reservations being made.

PAC management reserves the right to cancel all court bookings if seen as double bookings, or group bookings without prior approval.

General Guidelines for group bookings

All players within group bookings must be PAC members, or current U of S students.

In general, the maximum number of courts allowable for group bookings will be three 45-minute bookings, 2.25 hours in totals for nine courts.

Group bookings will not be allowed during prime time hours. Prime time is considered:

  • Weekdays 11:30 am – 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 – 7:00 pm

Group bookings that require more courts need to be approved by the courts manager or PAC management prior to reserving and will be subject to a rental fee.

Maximum court bookings for any group will be Three hours with three courts, for a total of 12 court-times.

PAC members not adhering to these policies will receive a warning. Continued abuse of court booking policies will result in losing court booking privileges for an extended period

Please contact the PAC courts manager for questions and bookings: Brad Birnie