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Court Booking Policy

All members of the PAC are encouraged and welcome to use our squash and racquetball courts. The courts are convertible to allow wallyball play. Please contact the PAC Facility Manager if you would like to play wallyball.

To ensure fair and efficient use of the courts, please observe the following.

  1. If a court is not claimed within 10 minutes after the starting time, the court may be used by one person to practice, or two people to play.
  2. A person who is practicing alone may be interrupted by two people wishing to play a game if there are no other open courts.
  3. Double booking of the courts is not allowed. This includes booking two courts at the same time, or any courts for two consecutive time slots. PAC staff reserves the right to cancel any double bookings. 
  4. The courts are for racquet sports and walleyball only. Other uses require the approval from the Kinesiology Facility Manager. 
  5. If you are unable to use a court booking, please cancel it online as soon as you can so that others may use the court. Frequent non-use of your court time may result in suspension of court booking privileges. 

To ensure the quality and longevity of the courts, please observe the following.

  1. Wear clean, non-marking courts shoes. If you do not have courts shoes, please ensure they will not leave a mark and they are free of dirt and rocks.
  2. Do not bring water bottles within the courts. Our courts are unfinished and may warp if exposed to a water-spill.
  3. Do not convert the courts by moving the walls yourself. Improper movement of the glass walls could results in damage. Walls are locked and can only be moved by the equipment staff.
  4. Please report damage of the courts to our staff immediately. Do not play on a court that you feel is unsafe.

To ensure your safety and comfort, please observe the following:

  1. Protective eyewear or approved eyeglasses are strongly recommended. Standard eyeglasses are not sufficient to stop a fast moving ball or racquet and may shatter. Protective eyewear is available free of charge at the equipment room with a valid student card or PAC member id.